Samved Medicare

Surgical Care Division Gynaecology

Samved Medicare Hospital has a team of expert Gynaecological surgeons, Laparoscopic surgeons and Oncosurgeons to offer the patient a complete treatment of all gynaecological problems. Non cancerous or cancers with minimally invasive procedures or key hole surgeries.

Our team of expert Gynaecologists take care of female problems of all kinds.

  • Hysteroscopy for diagnosis and definitive treatment of problems like heavy bleeding.
  • Total Laparoscopic surgery for removal of uterus of any size and uterine fibroid of any size, with just key hole incisions.
  • Surgery for prolapse of uterus.
  • Vaginal surgery of all kinds.
  • Laparoscopic surgery for all ovarian problems (Cysts, Tumors etc.).
  • Surgery for ectopic pregnancy.
  • Management of Infertility and Fertility Enhancement Surgery.
  • Uro-gynaecological problems(with our urology team).